On Alarm and On Disarm Light settings for HSM

I have been living with my current HSM alarm lighting settings for about a year now. Something I have always felt I am doing wrong is controlling the hue lights. I use about 25 hue lights for the alarm.

When the alarm is triggered my sirens go on, all lights go on to full bright and several other actions.

When my disarm rule runs it turns off the sirens, switches the mode, sends a SMS and also turns off all lights.

The problem is when I forget the alarm is on after a bottle of wine and open a door to check the gate is locked. I hear my chime go BEEP for 5 seconds telling me I am about to wake the whole house up. When I hit either via a Key FOB button (triggers Disarm rule) or my Sharp Tools dashboard (same Disarm rule) the following happens: alarm goes off with sirens, lights come on a random times all over the house, after a few seconds they start turning off only to turn back on. This goes on for maybe 20 second until the finally stay off. All the while I am watching a lights show and trying to turn off my bedroom lights so my baby does not wake up. It seem that if I use the hue app to turn off the lights it only makes it worse to I try to not dot that.

My method of turning on the lights is a Groups and Scene setting. I captured the lights at the desired setting and then activate the scene as part of the HSM Intrusion Home or Away settings.

To disarm the rule I again use a Groups and Scene configuration this time setting all lights to OFF.

I am happy to include any screenshots of the rules and did not do so here to avoid image overload.

What is the best way to rapidly both turn ON the lights when the alarm is activated and also what is the fastest way to turn OFF the lights for the Disarm action? Again, all lights are hue lights no other brands.


So ... My thought is to create a mode that takes into account that you're still up and change how that mode arms. Then you can freely move about the castle without waking the minions and still have some security in place during that time. A mode like "Quiet" that let's lights interact with you without alarms, but on a muted basis when the littles are in slumber. Then when you go to bed, your HSM arms like you want it to. And I'd set some type of automation for that gate. It's the gate's fault. If you didn't have that, you wouldn't set off the alarm. It sucks to rework too much, so I look for the shortcut solution.

Sorry, I don’t currently use the alarm feature per se, but I use the water and smoke/CO alerts. My lights turn back off just by the act of canceling alerts. I have a mix of Hue (on the bridge), Zigbee bulbs, and Zigbee dimmers in my setup.

Both good suggestion. The real question is more what is the best way to control the lights here? Via the use app I can turn on the whole house, every light at once in 1-2 seconds. Via the hub it take 30-60 seconds to turn ON and then to turn off OFF it can take the same.

What is the best way to turn ON a large group of Hue lights quickly and to be able to cancel it and turn them OFF again quickly?

So you're sending a large number of requests at once?
Use groups and scenes. It's a built in app. You may have to load it if you haven't yet.

I am using Groups and Scenes. Just tested it and got tired of counting after nearly two minutes as light came on.

Tested same all ON and all OFF using the app. 1 maybe 1.5 seconds.

Tested several individual lights from the hub and I get the same rapid response accounting for the time it takes for the command to register.

So I must be doing something wrong with my scene setting or something?