OMG Sasmsung raises the BAR in Home Automation with

Samsung announces a new SmartThings hub that adds.. WiFi. Yes, now, you can move the hub away from your router/switch for $70.

Bigger news is, they included Plume's WiFi mesh and are selling WiFi Routers that also contain ZWave and Zigbee radios for $120 one, $280 for three.

Raised the bar a good quarter of an Inch Samsung.. 2 years of development and that's all ya got? :smiley: (officially acknowledging my sarcastic voice here!) :smiley:


Give them some credit!... They also halved the CPU power and RAM.


OH my!! I didn't notice that.. no wonder it's only $70

Was going to mention that as well. They claim that the reduction in hardware will have no effect but I bet if they start making more things run local you will start to feel it.

I really expected a lot more from them when I started with smartthings. But they let me down

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I know it’s fun to sh*t on ST, but according to one of the active threads in the ST forum, it’ll also support zigbee 3.0 and some additional security protocols. They claim it’ll support z-wave S2 as well, but not when it launches.

I’m not saying I’m gonna run out to buy one because of that. Or the WiFi support.

But that’s something, at least.

Edit: I still have a v1 ST hub, and there’s probably no combination of features that would convince me to upgrade to a new ST hub without a migration tool. Except maybe full local execution, which ain’t happening. Plus that’s what my HE hub is for now :grin:.


Yeah. Where have we heard that before :thinking: cough Bluetooth cough


Ahhh.. history. I was fortunate to not buy SmartThings v1. @marktheknife But I did buy a StaplesConnect in 2014 and for hardware, I suspect it's still the top product out there. It took 4 years to duplicate in Hubitat + Lutron Smart BridgePRO.
StaplesConnect (which was still functioning almost exclusively as my Lutron ClearConnect hub) has/had ZWave, Zigbee, and Lutron all active/functional in 2014 and worked over Wifi. Internally it also had inactive 433mhz radio and Bluetooth (BLE) radio.

Thus, my expectations were higher perhaps that in LATE 2018, an established Vendor, hasn't caught up to 2014, yet.

Hubitat hardware has a (disabled) WiFi radio. :smiley: What will Santa bring this year? :slight_smile:


:laughing: If you really need WiFI, stop waiting for Santa to clamber down your chimney. Just buy one of these for $35 and put it in client mode!

@SmartHomePrimer hahaha, funny guy!! :smiley:

I like it though. Cuz with the Hubitat hub + Lutron bridge and now that WiFi bridge, I can stack it up and almost be the same physical dimensions of my Staples Connect hub!! :smiley:

Still got room for one more.. maybe a BLE hub? Anyone seen one of those? Doesn't have to work, just has to be future capable !! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Yeah... NOT missing ST at all... I have S2, Wifi, Bluetooth. A LOT more RAM and CPU horsepower and distributed z-wave controllers. Hmm yeah NOT missing ST at all.