Okay Virtual Switch not working as expected

I've discovered that a rule I'm fighting with is probably fine it's the virtual switch I setup that seems to be failing. A bit of background. I have a ZEN30 and the fan portion of the driver is not working correctly. On the dashboard if you click on the switch the fan will come on but the dashboard gets stuck on the Sending hourglass. If you refresh the dashboard it will show the fan as off but if you click on it again it will again get stuck on the sending hourglass but the fan will turn off. Others have also reported that behavior. I setup a virtual switch to control the fan so I could have the correct display on the dashboard and I assumed the rules would also work based on that. The rule I have turns on the fan just fine but it never turns it off. I made the following rule to test with. I also included the virtual driver and the rule that has the virtual controlling the real switch. Then I made a rule that should turn off that virtual fan if I turn off my desk light. The log never shows that anything is sent to the fan. Any ideas or is this a bug?

Dev:22 was me turning on the desk light on the dashboard
Dev:326 was me turning on the virtual fan on the dashboard and the fan came on
App:510 was showing that action
Dev:22 was me turning off the desk light on the dashboard
Dev:326 was me turning off the virtual fan after it did not turn off from turning off the desk light
App:510 was the rule turning off the fan based on me clicking on the dashboard

Any ideas? Should I recreate my virtual switch or is it just all due to the ZEN30 driver not being 100% so it's just acting weird? It's just odd to me that the clicking the virtual on the dashboard seems work all the time.

Just watched the driver for the fan part of the switch (Generic Component Central Scene Switch) and no matter if the fan is on or off the driver page itself always shows off. Even if you click ON right on the driver page itself. So I guess I'm just S.O.L on getting this to work until that is fixed. Anyone know of a 3rd party driver that will work for this?

Still doesn't explain why the virtual switch in rules will not turn it off but the dashboard will.

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