Ok, second question today, and this might be the dumbest of the day. (maker api related)

ok, I installed maker api on hubitat and Hoobs. many of my devices were seen by HomeKit, but wouldn't work. I tried figuring it out and think it might be this part of the code.

  "app_url": "http:///[IP ADDRESS OF YOUR HE BRIDGE]/apps/api/[MAKER APP API ID}/",

I put my address in where it goes, but am I supposed to also replace "[MAKER APP API ID}"?

I can't find, for the life of me where I get that info. Thanks!

Yes, you need that. Go to the Apps page and open Maker API. The key you need is in all the URLs on that page.

And also in them you'll see a number that is the appID


If you'll post one of the URLs I'll point it out.

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thank you losinit!!!

Send POST URL (replace [URL] with actual URL to send POST to (URL encoded)[URL]?access_token=ffac0195-1687-4f03-ae99-

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I put in 66 and instantly see my devices in Hoobs and they're working. I think I got it now (with your help!!!!). if it's more than just putting 66, please let me know. this is what I have now:


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Yes, it's 66. Glad it's working for you.

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