Oh Hubitat - you've spoiled me rotten!

Thanks to local control, I've got used to motion automation being really quick - like 200-300 ms between motion detection and the light coming on. Practically speaking, this means that before I'm 2 steps into any room, the lights are on. Same for contact sensor based lighting.

Recently, I had an issue with one of my HEs - motion automation was taking 2-5 seconds, which made me contact support. @bobbyD promptly sorted it out within 20 minutes (thank you again very much!).

But here's my point. Back in my Wink/Stringify days (or short-lived ST days), 2-5 seconds was the norm. And I remember being dazzled with the fact that lights came one within seconds of my walking into a room.

And now here I am, just a year later, complaining because I wasn't in the ms range anymore :joy: - yes, I have been thoroughly spoiled by HE!


But not the going bad kind of spoiled. :wink:


Too late for that :crazy_face:


100% that :point_up:
This is why we love you so HE. (can you come up with an HE emoji?)


Dude.. let me tell you.. I recently had the experience of porting drivers I wrote in HE to ST.. The delay was VERY noticeable.. And it also feels as though the ST platform has gotten developer hostile lately..


My net went down on Saturday morning, thanks to some half wit contractor who kind of created an explosion within a hole in the road. This took half of my village down, all the ATMs and the local stores abilities to accept EFT payments for the duration. Given the current climate of the world, this was double bad.

Yet my 2 HE hubs were blissfully unaware of this idiot, and all automations just simply continued as if nothing was happening, tum-te-dum-te-dum. So yeah, thank you Hubitat, if I were still an ST customer, the WAF would be in a minus figure, and I may already be single again. Oh hang on.................... :joy:


For learning for all (do Bobby out of a job, only joking) what was the cause/fix?


Three causes:

  1. I had a ghost tile. Device had been removed, but I hadn't removed the tile from a Dashboard.
  2. I had removed a zigbee remote from HE, but hadn't removed batteries from the remote or reset the remote, so the remote was still paired (so ghost zigbee device).
  3. I had updated the firmware on 5 z-wave switches, which reset them, and they created ghost z-wave devices - I had re-paired them when they reset.


  1. Fix the Dashboard tile
  2. Reset Zigbee remote (and paired it to my other HE)
  3. Z-wave Repair

That first reply is automated and instant.. Sounds like it got the spam trap.. Either by your email program or provider


Yup. @stevebott123 - make sure you email support from the same address your hub is registered to.


The official method to reach support is support@hubitat.com .. Not a PM... By emailing support a ticket will get created..


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Thanks - will email them directly.
I do currently have 3 open tickets from last year still that went cold.

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Now .. Are you contacting them on actual platform issues?..


I ask because Hubitat can’t be expected to support every device.. And certainly can’t be expected to support community drivers or apps..


20ish seconds to turn some lights off?

*I apologise I did not want to derail this thread, happy to delete all my posts.

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PM is faster most times, if I am around and can jump in right away, but if the PM comes on a late Sunday night, chances are that when Monday rolls in, I forget to come back to the PM. If you don't hear back from me, is not because I am ignoring your problem, it is likely because I forgot. If that happens to you, please either ping me again or send a support ticket.


@bobbyD and if you don't answer after more than a week of reminders?

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It could mean that your case has been escalated and either I didn't hear back or didn't get a chance to get back to you :frowning:


I know you have a lot of support to handle, just that as you know, this is not something that can be handled by anyone except support. It would be great to have it over and done with, it has really taken a long time (it started in December). An update like "Escalated, will get back to you soon" would go a long way. Anyway, you follow your way of doing things, that is how it is.

@aaiyar sorry to hijack your thread, I'm leaving it alone now.