Offline Log Access / Viewer

I don’t think an offline log viewer should be part of the hub itself, however it would be nice to have a configuration option to also send logs to a remote syslog server. With logs on a remote system then I could go back and check for any anomaly or use for test/debugging and not have to stare at the live logs.

This also provides a greater benefit of being able to integrate with other viewers and analyzers.


Or at least the ability to turn on offline logging for a period of time.

When I’m developing, it would be nice to turn on logging for X minutes/hours so I could switch pages and test things without worrying about accidentally navigating away from the logs page and missing something or losing something I was working on.

Open the log page on a separate PC then, or an extra tab, or a different browser. One you’re less likely to close… At least as an interim method.