Official Amazon Echo Skill

I'm getting consistent errors every few minutes in my log from the official Amazon Echo Skill app...

Error making Call to Alexa message gateway: null

Anyone else getting this? Is this a problem at the platform level? Alexa is still able to control my devices and I don't want to delete and re-authorize them if I don't have to... I have a lot of devices integrated into my Alexa system...

I get that too every now and then. Wait for a while and it should eventually go away. I think the error is probably on the Amazon side. There's at least one other thread about this.

Thanks, yeah the other thread was pretty old... This has been happening for a few days now... I'll wait it out a bit to see what happens... :slight_smile:

Yesterday I found Alexa to be slow at times to respond or perform actions even non-Hubitat. I believe it was due to the fact that millions of new echo devices were unwrapped on Christmas morning and being set up. This could have cause slow response on the Amazon side