Off Topic, Need a suggestion

Looking for a suggestion for a simple control project. I know I can do this with HE, but that is probably a little overkill.

In our Church we have a digital sound system. The main control board is upstairs at the back of the sanctuary. On the stage at the front is the mike feed mixer plus powered speakers. To power up the system the main board has to be powered on first then the mixer plus the speakers. So the operator has to go upstairs, turn on board, go downstairs and power up the rest of the equipment. Then reverse the proceedure to power down.

I would like to use remote switches to control the downstairs equipment so that they can be turned off and on from the upstairs control booth. All that is need is 2 light switches and 3 smart plugs. Upstairs just needs to be a simple button controller that just about anyone can use. Prefer not to have it on the WIFI network. It's ok to hook up to the network for configuration, but would want to isolate it after that.

So what does anyone suggest for something like that? Thanks in advance for any help.

Have you ever measured how much Amps the control board is using in an idle state? (Most audio devices barely use power in idle state) So you could also choose to leave it on 24/7. I know this might not be preferable, but is also a solution.

I don't believe they want to leave the board on as it's only used once, and sometimes twice a week for a couple hours.

It's not a big deal, they have been using it the way it is for sometime. I came into this after the fact and just looking for alternatives. Especially since at my age stairs get harder and harder every day.:grinning:

Consider a Hubitat hub (currently on sale), a couple of buttons, and a couple of smart plugs. You could even set it up to turn on the system on Sunday mornings.

Put the board on a simple light timer so it turns on before known service times. Otherwise grab a HE hub, a portable outlet, and a button controller and go to town.

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Sorry, but though I'm really enthusiastic about the Hubitat hub I'm also honest. To be fair, I can hardly advise to buy a hub to switch 1 thing only. That would be a major waist of money. If you just wan't to stop walking up the stairs, you could just get a simple wireless outlet and remote.

But, if you are making things easier around there you might as well buy a hub and change a lot of other things to make it all easier. You could even consider (don't know if that would be allowed) to replace some candles with led candlelight's and switch them automatically with the hub.