[Off Topic] Hue Being Persistently Controlled

Posting this here because you lot are responsive and maybe have dealt with this.
I'm relatively new to Hue.
I have an RGB strip in my daughter's room.
I've used the All4Hue app to enable a color loop on it as she likes to see the rainbow effect.

The problem is... I can't stop the rainbow...
I've obviously "toggled color loop off" which is the option in the app to stop it.
I've tried to manually set a color and turn it off in the Hue app.
I've cycled power the RGBW controller.
I've cycled power to the Hue Hub.

Any thoughts?
I'd really love a way to see what apps have access to my devices and revoke it but I've only seen one page from hue that explains that and the link that they recommend visiting doesn't work any more apparently.

Thanks for any help!

Try this:

  1. Open Hue app
  2. Tap Settings
  3. Tap Hue Bridges
  4. Tap the i to the right of your bridge
  5. Tap Clean up
  6. Tap the red Clean up button
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I have done that twice actually.
It's possessed...

Nothing to delete automations in that app? Some apps have their own clean up. iConnect Hue does and has a separate option for removing animations. Not sure if it's specific to iConnect Hue or if it will work with other integrations. That's free functionality in that app. Might be worth a try. Very nice app too, so worth the download.

If you want to get really nerdy, go to https://developers.meethue.com/ and create an account. Then you will get access to the API, you can send commands to the bridge using the clip API debugger via a browser to see what is on there and clean it up.

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Haha I was actually getting ready to switch to that app but I can't stop this one.

Also my wife Toggled the color loop before but I asked her to toggle it last night and it didn't work.

Thanks I was actually getting close to seeing if that would help.
I'll give it a try.


http://[bridge IP]/debug/clip.html

Very useful

OK I guess I need to be able to press the button to get access.
What an annoying mechanism.

I wonder what a non technical person would do in this scenario.
I feel like anyone could have gotten in this scenario.
I'd be pretty irate.

I can't believe they don't have a means to see what is connected and the ability to revoke access.

The developers push what can be done on that bridge pretty hard. I'm guessing that developer just made a mistake and the consequences are pretty severe unfortunately.

There's the nuclear option

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lol there always is.
I found this, it looks a little old so it's hard to say how well it will work.

I've got to dig out my Nexus 5X with broken screen to test it out tonight.

Ah, I just remembered. Try this


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That's exactly what I've been looking for!
Lets see if I can stop the madness here.

Yeah, just going through my list. So much stuff on mine. Many of these haven't been used in two years or are for hubs, devices and apps I don't even use anymore.


The madness has stopped!
Thanks @SmartHomePrimer

Now I've got to find a good St. Patty's day theme for my front lights.
Want them to be complementary shades of green but change at the same moment...
I wonder if iConnectHue can do that...

I think so. Might have to throw him a couple of bucks to get that functionality though.

Yea I've got an iTunes giftcard on the way.
I might be trigger happy though and just hit the ol PayPal for it...

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LOL. Just pull me out of a ditch someday too. That's all I want in return.

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I got chu fam:

Actually, you might be able to do that with a Hue recipe (Hue App > Explore > Hue Labs). I think it's part of Living Scenes. I was doing for Halloween last year with my 4 Blooms. They would flicker and rotate Halloween colors every 30 seconds. It was a cool effect.