Off command from RL not getting processed by device

Not sure if this is an app or device issue, but starting here. RL turns on an LED strip w/motion from any of three motion sensors, off after motion stops.

Note the Off event at 12:22:37, which results in three entries from the LED strip reporting that the strip is on. The strip is controllable from its Device page, responds normally. Not sure how to interpret this, appreciate any help.


That's an off command (or at least one the app's logs report that it is sending), not an off event, which would normally come in response from the device that its state has changed. Your logs suggest there was never actually an event, though only events would say for sure (but it appears you have device descriptionText logging on that should print the same).

There are two things I'd try first, in no particular order:

  • Go to the device detail page for device 1575, look at the "Events" page for it, and see if you see an entry with type "command" and name "off" around 12:22:37. This would confirm that RL sent the command, as its logs say. Note that you are looking specifically for commands, not events.
  • Also on the device detail page for device 1575, try the "Off" command yourself and see if it actually works (of course, you will likely need it on first). If not, you've got other problems, but at least you know why RL doesn't seem to be working.

Knowing that would give you a better idea of where to start.

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Thanks for the TS tips...

Yup - the command is there in the Device Events:

Yup, Off/On works from the Device page, just turned the LED strip on and off several times.

And just for good measure confirmed no Zigbee offline/online events today.

Not sure what else to suggest in this case; you've verified that RM is sending the command (from both the app logs and, authoritatively, the device itself) and that the command works as expected if you do it from the device detail page. Maybe see if it still works when the light is in the exact same state RL activates it to--perhaps some odd device or driver issue? Or a one-time fluke?

Does not seem like an RL issue, in any case, at least.

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Thanks for the help.

I'll set up a notification if it's on for more than 5m. That should allow me to catch the sneaky little bastard in the act of not turning off when we leave the room. :slight_smile:

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