Odd device name issue in logs

I have a very odd issue that I have yet to find a resolution. On my primary hub, when I look at the log history, I can see the device names listed at the top so I can more easily filter, these are the names I gave them during set up (i.e. Living Room, Hallway, etc). I had to set up a second hub to move my "problematic" Lightify strips/bulbs and on that hub, the log headers show the device type instead of the named device (i.e. Generic ZigBee CT Bulb, etc). But oddly, in the actual log, the device name is shown (i.e. Counter, Microwave, etc) Is there a way for me to get the 2nd hub back to displaying the actual name vs device type in the category header? Any ideas? Thanks!

The logs will display whatever is in the Device Label unless there is nothing in the device label and then it will display the device name. So, if you add a label to those devices in the secondary hub, that is what will be displayed. The name is defaulted to the driver that is selected when you pair the device to the hub.

Thanks. Oddly, I have device labels set up on all devices on the 2nd hub, but only the Device Type shows in the headers on the log. The device labels do show for the detailed logs below the main log header. See below.

Can you show one of the edit devcie pages? Was this log page open from when before you added the labels? Or are there events in the log from before you added the labels? When did you pair the device to the hub?

I added the device labels right at the time I paired the device to the second hub (did this as well on the primary hub as well).

Here's the device info for one of the devices on the 2nd hub

2nd hub device

And here's a similar device on the primary hub (where device labels show correctly in the log headers

1st hub device

As you can see, there really is no difference and device labels appear to be correct. I've rebooted the 2nd hub, and the issue remains in the log.

What about the other questions I asked....

If there are events in the list from before you changed the name, it's going to use the old name. Eventually it will use the new ones only when old entries are purged from the log.

See below:

Was this log page open from when before you added the labels? ... At the time I installed the devices (about a month or so ago), I added the devices from the discover device page. I do not believe that I had a separate tab open for the logs at that time.

Or are there events in the log from before you added the labels? … These events are from today, the labels were added at the time I paired the devices. I did the same when I added my all of my devices on the primary hub as well.

When did you pair the device to the hub? … These were paired to the 2nd hub about a month ago.

From day one, the log headers have been wrong on the 2nd hub. This more of an annoyance than anything and odd that it differs from the primary hub where I used the same pairing process for all my devices.

Maybe this is the case … its almost exactly one month ago that I set up the 2nd hub. When I scroll to the very bottom of the log, it looks like where I set up the hub and paired devices for the first time. Maybe I just need to wait awhile longer for the log to get purged/overwritten. I just don't recall seeing this on my primary hub, but it has been awhile since I've paired any new devices to the primary hub and mostly have only been adding more Lutron Dimmers/Picos recently

When you the logs and don't click on past logs, what same do you see?

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Good idea … I just tested and while looking at live logs in a 2nd tab, when I power a device on/off, the header does show the correct device label name. I suppose I just need to wait for the past logs to eventually purge and correct themselves. Thanks.

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