OAuth is not enabled for this App?

Hi just got my hub so forgive me if I am not doing something correctly. I am using Rule Machine and the trigger is "Local End Point" and every time I click on it I get this error (pulled from the logs) "java.lang.RuntimeException: OAuth is not enabled for this App on line 1019 (method selectTriggers)"

I have no clue how to fix this?? I deleted Rule Machine and reinstalled it and still the problem persists. I am hoping you smart folk can tell me this is any easy fix and all you have to do is click here.

Thank you in advance for all your assistance. I really love Habitat and can't wait to put it to full use!

What version are you on? This is a known issue with platform version and is being looked at.

Do you know how to update your platform version?

You should love this, it was reported, and fixed earlyer.
Bruce fixed it, and a hot fix is in the latest version.
Had same issue.
Now gone.
Thanks to Bruce, and all the staff.


I'm on the latest version. ( Currently running version: just updated yesterday. Still running into same issue. I also rebooted the hub just to make sure. Thanks for your assistance.

You will have to recreate the rule. HTH


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