NZ Certified Zigbee Light Switches (Wulian?)

I know this comes up repeatedly, but does anyone know of any compatible zigbee light switches specifically certified for NZ use?
I know there are aeotec and others z-wave options, but zigbee?
I really like the look of the Wulian offering. Has anyone got Wulian working with Hubitat?

Those aren’t exactly Zigbee (I have two devices). I was able to pair one with HE, but that was it. They both sit in a box and unable to get rid of them :disappointed_relieved:

That's a shame. There don't seem to be many on offer for NZ unless you want to risk uncertified.

I personally run these in Australia and as you know we have cross AS/NZ certification. These Nue switches are also official certified on the Hubitat platform and have global-mark certification too. You can find his products on both Ebay and Amazon.

Thanks for the tip. I had seen them before but was uncertain about how legit they were. Good to know you're having a good experience. Would you recommend?

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No worries. Absolutely mate. You can follow the chat about them here. Also they are very good repeaters I have cheap Xiaomi sensors and Ikea bulbs working fine with them too.

I'll second the Nue stuff. I have 4 (double power sockets) in my house just because I wanted some repeaters that didn't take up a power socket. The individual range on them as Zigbee devices is not brilliant but they repeat well and help build a decent mesh hoping one to the next.

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Great, thanks guys. Is this audiable click thing I'm reading about a significant annoyance for you?
Oh, and do you need the Nue bridge as well?

No you don't need the Nue bridge HE has the drivers built in
With the click of the relay it is a little annoying but you will get used to it
Besides what are the options and they do work well
I have 4 of the switches 3 x 4 gang and 1 x 3 gang

Nope you honestly get used to it. I think in the very beginning my wife made 1 or 2 comments but she got used to it pretty quickly too. It's just because it's a new way of switching instead of the rocker style we have all had for years which mind you also makes a "click" too right :wink:

Yep that is true church.
So next question is, is AA Smarthome the only place to get them?
They haven't replied to messages about delivery to NZ on the website. Via Amazon won't deliver to NZ and delivery charge from Ebay is outrageous.
I've seen other comments about them not being very responsive.?

I just got the majority of mine from eBay and only a couple on sale from Amazon. I used eBay as they usually have coupons. That said you can actually call and speak to Kevin (3asmarthome) and maybe he can do a direct sale.