NYCE tilt sensor acting up lately?

Ever since the last two firmware updates (not saying they're responsible for this issue, just establishing a timeline) my NYCE V2 tilt sensor has ben malfunctioning. At times is behaves as it should but at others switching from the open to the close position does not register in the system. It generally stays in the "open" position regardless of its actual state. If I physically remove it from its enclosure and proceed to tilt it by hand, after a few times it begins responding again, only to get stuck in the "open" position again. Battery status reports at times 87% and sometimes it switches to 99%, I tried removing the battery when it is stuck in the "open" position but the system does not register the lack of battery (continues to report its last state, "open"). Thinking the battery reporting or the battery itself might be faulty I installed a brand new battery but the erratic behavior continues. Using the latest firmware update. Anybody else experiencing this issue??

Sounds like it’s falling off the zigbee mesh. Do you have any zigbee repeaters you could move closer between the hub and the tilt sensor?

Hold up. There are Zigbee repeaters? Do my Iris V1 smart outlets work as Zigbee repeaters too? If that is the case I could add one in the vicinity of the tilt sensor to see if this helps. However, it had been working flawlessly in completely unchanged conditions (except for the firmware update) for months ever since my migration to HE. In the meantime, I unpaired it and re-paired it to see if this fixed the issue. If the smart outlets work as Zigbee repeaters it would be awesome.

I’m not sure if the iris v1 smart outlets work as repeaters but I did add a few ikea tradfri outlets throughout my house to shore up my zigbee mesh in my house for the iris v2 contact sensors for doors and windows.

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