NYCE devices are incompatable with C8 and any other Zigbee 3.0 coordinator

Any more info on this. Is it not possible to pair zigbee devices in the old non 3.0 mode? Can you add that as an option? I have existing nyce devices that ported over to the c8 and they are working well. I even recall re-pairing one in place and that seemed to work?



Were looking into this


Along this thought any chance the Iris V1 devices could be paired to the C8 with whatever protocol has been successful thus far?

efforts along this line have proven unsuccessful so far.


Anything you can share regarding likeliness of the iris V1 sensors becoming compatible with C8? Even if Hubitat is not officially ready to say these are “unsupported”, any guidance at this point is appreciated so replacement devices can be obtained.

We removed them off of the list for C8 hubs yesterday.

You can always leave them on your old hub and bring them into a C8 with hub mesh.
Just be sure to change the channel reset the zigbee radio and turn off the z-wave radio on the old hub.


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