NYCE all in one sensor not reporting correctly

I have a NYCE all in one that I use in the master bath. Anyone else having problems with reporting? It seems to be updating temp and motion, but humidity isn't changing. It's been stuck on 22 for a while (I took a steam shower yesterday and it didn't move). I'll likely reset and re pair it but before I did was wondering if anyone else out there is having issues with theirs.

This is my goto sensor and I have them all over the place. I bought new and used when stock ran out and never had an issue with any of them. What do you have the reporting set to? It may be set to only report on major changes.

.05 on both humidity and temp... Interesting though, I was about to do a cut and paste, but now the humidity is up to 55. Looking at my events log it's now been updated around 100 times since I posted my message. During diags this morning, I switched drivers then did a configure then switched back and did another configure, so I'm wondering if it just needed a kick in the but to start again. Something I will definitely have to keep an eye on. Thanks for the input though. I do much appreciate it sir... (I wish I could find more)