Nue Zigbee Switch

I just installed a Nue Zigbee Switch. It is not the first one I have installed. It paired, It is in a really good location... plenty of other Zigbee devices around it.

Yet, it is unreponsive thru hubitat. I can turn it's load on locally with the push button, but I can not turn it on and off thru the Dashboard.

Nothing about it is showing up on the log either. I am totally confused.

Any ideas? Is it a bad switch ?

FWIW, I tried a hub reboot too.

If I remove it from the device list, the blue light on the switch starts flashing, so there is indeed some communications happening

Let’s eliminate the Dashboard as a potential problem. Bring up that switch’s Device Details page on the hub. Make sure the correct Driver Type is selected and click Save. Afterwards, click CONFIGURE on that page. Then see if you can control the switch from that page, as well as monitor the status of the switch to see if the switch attribute changes from on to off when controlled by the physical switch as well as by the device details page.

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Thanks,,, that sent me down a path.

The driver loaded was the "Nue Zigbee Switch" Driver. The other device that I have that is the exact same switch uses the "Generic Switch Driver".

When I switched to the Generic Switch Driver, it became responsive... life is good now.

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