Nue Branded ZigBee: Curtain Blind Switch & 3 Speed Fan Switch


I'm new to Hubitat and this is my first post.

I would like to know if Mike has received the following sample switches from Keven (Nue - 3A Smart Home Pty Ltd) and if so is he working on device handlers for them.

Nue Branded ZigBee:
ZigBee Curtain Blind Switch

Smart ZigBee 3 Speed Fan Switch


Tagging @mike.maxwell for you.

I have some items Kevin sent, I haven't looked at them yet.

Thanks for replying Mike, when you get a chance I'm keen to know if Kevin sent you the curtain/blind switch & the 3 speed fan switch. Also interested in what else he's sent you.

Australian has it's own tight standard when it comes to electrical switches and Nue is the only brand of zigbee switches that I know of that are going through the process of get approve for use in Australia and therefore legal to be install by a licensed electrician.

I'm in no rush for the device handlers it's just nice to know Kevin is helping out his customers by providing swich so they are supported by Hubitat.

Please keep me posted on any updates.


Hi Mike,

Have you had a chance to look at what Kevin sent you?

Could you please look at building a driver for the Nue curtain/blind switch.

I see you created a driver for the Nue Fan switch, thank you for that :blush:

Everything Kevin sent is complete except the curtain switch, that didn't make it in 2.1.7.

That's Awesome Mike! Thanks :grinning:

Could you please give me a time frame for the curtain switch? I'm not going to hold you to it, would just be good to have some idea.

Hi Mike,

Has there been any progress with the driver for the Nue curtain switch?

Not really

Thank you for the reply Mike, do you just need time to get around to it or have you found compatibility challenges with this switch?

I was able to get the Nue curtain switch to work with the driver below by replacing:

3A Nue Curtain / Blinds Device Handler
"import physicalgraph.zigbee.zcl.DataType" with "import hubitat.zigbee.zcl.DataType"

The open, close and pause command buttons work within the device but I can't find the device in Rule Machine (It's not listed as a switch). I also can't find a dashboard tile that will work.

I'm not sure if I'm missing something or the driver is the issue.

Any advice and or workarounds would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @scottbaker007, @mike.maxwell,

First time poster here and following this thread with interest - have 6 ZigBee Curtain Blind Switches and 1 Zigbeen 3 Speed Fan Switch to link into the rest of my environment.

Keen to know if the dashboard tiles (& drivers) are available for both.

Would appreciate a link or a steer in the right direction.

Thanks Mike and Scott!


The fan switch has a built in driver, I wasn't happy with the way the blind switch functioned so that driver was not published. I don't know if there is a community driver for that device or not.

@mike.maxwell - thanks for letting me know. I'm not sure if there is a community driver either.

Is Kevin on here? Do you know, @scottbaker007? Perhaps we should tag him and let him know Mike has feedback on the driver for the way the blind switch functions? I'd find that useful, so I can finally get around to integrating the ZigBee Curtain Blind Switch into the environment.


Hi Charles,
I've spoken to Kevin and I'm hoping he'll get around to having a look at the blind switch sometime soon. I'll ask him to reach out to Mike for feedback as you suggested.
Do you have the new Fan + Light switch or just the Fan switch? The Fan switch has a built in driver as Mike mentioned but if you're after the Fan + Light driver you'll find it on the 3A Smart Home website.
I had the Fan + Light switch installed yesterday but haven't much time to play with it, one issue I see atm is the status of the switches don't update when using the physical switches, I hope this is just a driver issue. I was going to ask Keven if he can have a look at that driver too.
I'll keep you posted,

Hi Scott,

Appreciate you following up with Kevin - fingers crossed he's able to update the driver to Mike's satisfaction.

I have just the fan switch - I'll look for it here and see if I can integrate it.

Chat soon.


Hi Scott,

I can't seem to find the Smart Zigbee 3 Speed Fan Switch listed, or it similarly listed as a 'Nue Fan Switch' (or like). Any idea what this might have been uploaded as?

Happy to go back to Mike on this for any advice, but thought I'd reach out to you first.

Thanks again.


Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 1.19.25 pm Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 1.19.10 pm

I sent Kevin a question on how the device worked, he never answered this, so i never finished the driver.
I've not reviewed his driver for this specific device, I looked at one of his st drivers for a switch and it was just a copy of a stock st driver.

Thanks for the context there Mike, appreciated. Hopefully Scott and I can get him to action this and revert back.

Appreciate the update.


Are you running the latest update? I have the following listed under system:image

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