Now this is REAL innovation!

WInk sent an email this morning indicating their new features starting next week. My friend Dan sent me this screenshot from FB.

Three columns of icons!!! The automation possibilities just boggle the mind!!


:rofl: that's truly pathetic.


And that last paragraph really says it all about where their "innovation" is taking them.



Only by charging monthly could they afford the extra icons. :rofl:


Apple has been doing simple icon/font changes every year and selling it to the iOS masses as revolutionary new versions for a decade now. Probably took Wink all of 30 minutes to rearrange the grid and find some icons in Google.....

What gets me is they haven't released any updates in nearly THREE YEARS. So why now?

They could have sold icon packs, or enhanced dashboards years ago to have revenue.

So were they sitting on this? Or is it vaporware?

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Probably just throwing something out there because of all the bad press they have been getting, just to show "hey look we are releasing new updates." Trying to justify the subscription.

They should have did what Lowes did with Iris and just shut it down if it was failing that bad, instead of stringing people along and then forcing them into a subscription within 1 week of announcing.