Notify if door unlocked without code?

I have a lock code rule that sends me a notification when the front door is unlocked with a lock code.

I'd like to create a rule that sends me a different notification when the front door is unlocked without a lock code being used. How do I create a rule for this?

So I thought this would be possible with Rule Machine, using a rule such as this:

Screen Shot 2020-05-30 at 4.49.52 PM

But off course that doesn't work because Last lock code used is always populated with the last code used (even if the lock is subsequently opened using the thumb-turn or key).

That being said, if you use Node-RED along with Hubitat. it possible to do this by evaluating messages send after the unlocked event for "physical".

I don't have time to search for it right now, but there is some user code in the forum that watches the lock events and activates/deactivates a virtual switch based on Locked/Unlocked "Physical" events. I'm using it to identify when my locks are unlocked using the thumb knob and work's perfectly. If you can find the post it does mention that if HE changes the way they display these events it could cause the app to "break" so you do need to make sure it's still working after upgrades to HE firmware.

If I have more time later I'll try to search for the post if you can't find it.

Edit: Found it


Nice - I forgot about that! Easy enough to customize for locks other than Schlage.