Notifier failed to notify of event

any idea why this failed to notify me this morn.. thanks



Not without seeing the app logs.

Logging was not on.on the app is all loga not just one device or app.

i have turned it on.. but not sure what logging is going to show you.. i posted the logs showing the mailbox opened.. showed the rule.. and here is the events and proof the notified has NOT notified today..

It is not possible for me to have any idea about why it didn't work. The event didn't trigger it. Why? Who knows?

Ever since my days at Intel, 45+ years ago, I've known about the cosmic ray bit-flip problem. That is, even then we knew it happened, but it wasn't really worth worrying about. Still applies though.

Of course this really does happen in the real world . However, bugs are much more likely to cause unexplained failures in software. Something like what you are posting is fairly unlikely to be a bug in Notifier, since it works routinely for you (and many others). Could there be a bug somewhere in the hub that causes an event to go missing? Sure, there could be. Diagnosable? About as diagnosable as a cosmic ray bit-flip. There is no such thing as an error free computer system, or bug free software. The only question is how much effort does one want to expend attempting to perfect that which can never be perfect. Navel gazing question,...


ok thanks.. i have logging on now but not sure it will help will see tomorrow if it actually works it had been working before the last f/w update but as you know that could just be a coincidencd.

Just spitballing here. Is the “Once a Day” setting based on each calendar day, or on a 24 hour period? Additionally, is there a reason you have that setting on? Wouldn’t you want to know whenever the mailbox was opened? Maybe the rule thinks the mail should not be coming on a Sunday and decided to not notify you?

either way it was not the same day and more than 24 hours..
but i believe it is exactly 24 hours in a day.. as there is a job that resets it at midnight each night. and also in the picture i posted you can see the setting that says notified false..

The reason i have it once a day is because i need to know the first time, when the mailman opens it not when myself or my wife check it, and also the sensor is a ways from the house and on occasion when battery started going .. started ping ponging open/closed and annoying the crap out of us!!!!

i have a second rule that notifies me if the mail box is left open which has been done by the mailman or high winds on occasion.

Looking at the last screenshot in your original post, the Application State, it indicates the last event was at the same time as the mailbox contact sensor was active, according to the other logs you posted, i.e. ~10:02am on the 5th. So I would have interpreted that as being that the App detected an Event that should have triggered it? But the notification did not arrive?

Could it be that your notification device was not connected to the App for some reason? If you open the HE mobile app and look at the recent Notifications do you see the notification?

As the others have stated, just pure speculation:
I have found that everything should be specified within Notifier.
You didn't specify how long that contact sensor should be open, it's been left blank.
Perhaps if you specify it, it will work.

@kahn-hubitat Recently had some notifications not work after a platform update. Opening the rule then hitting done fixed them.