My plan was to use the Hubitat as a home security system . But I can't get it to notify me when something happens in the house. The support guys tell me the is no native SMS , email or phone support. I am not a coder. So I was thinking about buying an auto dialer that has a dry contact closure to activate it and using an zwave output relay device to activate it to call my cell and land line with a message. Has anyone tried this or is there some other way of doing this or am I missing something here ?

There are integrations available tor receive SMS via Twilio. There are also community integrations, written by @erktrek and @kahn-hubitat, to receive notifications by email.


That when right over my head. I looked at some of these. Most require a subscription of some type or other and some programming smarts that I do not have.

Im using Woopla call that dials my phone in case of critical event. You need to subscribe and integrate over ifttt, but it works perfectly.
Push notifications and emails can be overseen easily, call is hard to ignore.

I installed the Hubitat Android app and get notifications from the Safety Monitor through it.


I haven’t tried to use the Twilio integration (haven’t had a need to), but have you looked at the setup instructions in the hub documentation?

No programming skills are needed. I don’t know how to code at all but that hasn’t stopped me from using Hubitat.

Twilio isn’t free, but AFAIK it’s pretty cheap.

And we are talking about the security of your home, correct? Might be worth considering something other than the least expensive method to achieve a notification (the z-wave relay connected to an auto-dialer doesn’t strike me as the most reliable notification system either).

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