Notifications with 2 hubs

I haven't noticed this until recently. I have 2 hubs and I only receive notifications on a device when I am logged into the Hub the notification is triggered on. I am using Pushover as well, so I do get the Pushover notification, just not the native app notification. I realize this doesn't affect as many people, but didn't know if it was happening to others as well.

The HE app can only be associated to one hub at a time. Are you sharing the phone device through Hub mesh?


Sorry, I should have added the hubs are in 2 different locations and two different networks. I am not using Hub mesh.

Well now...that's makes things interesting.

As @FriedCheese2006 said, the app is only associated with a single hub at time. So while you can switch back and forth between your 2 hubs, you'll only receive native notifications via the app from the hub that it is currently associated with.

Using an alternative, like Pushover, is best currently available solution for this situation.


Thanks. I didn't know if I had done something and messed it up or what.


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