Notifications stop, have to make new mobile devices

Happened to both my husband and myself at different times. We noticed at various times that we've stopped getting regular notifications from rules on our mobile phones. Go into app, Log in. Offered the list of mobile devices known to the hub, choose our device. App behaves as if we're new users taking us through all the little tutorial screens, and at the end has created us a new mobile device. The only thing I can think is that because I changed the label of the existing device to "Inges Phone" (the name still has the original automatically assigned name), and had done the same to my husband's phone, it couldn't come to terms with it being the same device. Is there somewhere in the programming that requires the label field to remain as created and the same as the name field? A bit of a nuisance as the rules then all have to be updated to replace old device entry with new.

Notifications then work with the new device.

Upon testing further: Every time I log into the app it creates a new device even if I haven't touched the name or label of the last one

I did get a bit mixed up with mobile devices myself, even without another human involved :grin: I somehow had two instances of my phone, possibly from when I purchased my second hub.... I recently removed the extra mobile phone device and I think it helped. Other problems I have had have resulted from which hub my mobile was logged into, not sure if you have one or more hubs....?

Other isues can arise from battery optimisation settings and other things that reduce connectivity at crucial times.

Just the one hub. I wondered if the problem was from the fact that Android phones tend not to publish a stable MAC address. I am not sure how the device is recognised in the Hubitat driver. Anyway since I don't require presence sensing and it was just the notification issue that was the problem, I am trying Pushover. As far as using the app to control the hub and get dashboards we don't have to log in as we do it all on the lan. It's just the logging in that creates the new devices.

For a single hub, maybe it is more a battery optimisation issue. There are typically a few settings that can stop apps from running in the background or accessing wifi, etc. There are probably some old threads where this has been discussed.... including by me...

I am not quite sure what connection you are making here. When I am logging in, the app is in the foreground. As a rule I am not logged in to the cloud account as I don't need to be. Or do I? Is this the problem, that I am meant to be logged in permanently? Yeah I did a search and read lots of similarish threads but not ones that said it happened every time they logged in.

Yeah, not meant as any criticism of your search, the number of threads was meant more as an indication of the likelihood of not finding an answer.

I'm probably off the mark then, just a wild stab on the dark. Sounds like you have covered off the likely root causes I was considering... shame...

Well I shall see how things go with Pushover, that might solve it. I thought it worth a post anyway :slight_smile:

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Certainly worth it for those who don't want to use Pushover, or more generally for the HE staff.