Notifications not showing in Notifications tab

I have a strange one here...

I successfully receive notifications from the HE Hub based on my rules, and the phone alerts as it should, and I can read them on the drop down menu. The Hubitat Mobile App shows the icon badges with the correct number of received messages.

However, when I go into the App and select Tools/Notifications, to display the "Last 20 notifications sent to device", it is empty, as though the phone never received anything.

I've searched the community forums but all the issues with the Mobile App and notifications seem to be the other way around - that is, notifications shown in the App, but not showing on the phone screen nor alerting. All the App permissions seem to be OK (location allowed, battery optimisation disabled, etc)

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G. Incidentally, it works absolutely fine on my Galaxy tablet :thinking:

Has anyone else seen this?

This is the same issue I'm having on a Samsung. It just spins. On IOS, I get a notification token error. I have two hubs.

I tried working on it all weekend and have already been on two threads with no solution. But now that you've described my symptoms word for word, I know I'm not crazy.

I even went through the hoops of moving to pushover this weekend and I got the SAME EXACT RESULTS.

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This is confirmed bug that may occur when switching between hubs or devices.

We're working on a solution.

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Thank you!

I only have 1 hub, and it's less than 1 month old. I have 3 devices (all Samsung Galaxy devices) and 2 of them show the notifications in the app, and 1 doesn't show them, and never has. All 3 devices receive the notifications (which trigger phone alerts).

I'm struggling to see how that relates to a bug that occurs when switching between hubs and devices.

It seems that uninstalling the Hubitat Mobile app and then reinstalling it solved the issue. I can now see the notification history in the app


Thanks - reinstall resolved the unpopulated notifications page for me on Android as well.

My phone makes the notification sound but then sometimes there is no notification in the notification-bar. But I can see them in the app. I thought that there was something wrong with my phone, but then it might just be the app?

My issue was slightly different. I was always getting the notifications on my phone, but not in the Hubitat app. Reinstalling the app fixed that.

If your notifications are not appearing on your phone, maybe there's a setting in your phone notifications that needs to be changed?

I have confirmed that the new version of the app is displaying notifications on Android appropriately and even backfilled all the messages I never received.

Thank you for fixing this. Pay no mind to me obviously ignoring my washer notifications (doing exactly what it should be doing).

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