Notifications not behaving as expected

I have a Mighty Mule Driveway Alert on my long driveway. I'm using an ecolink contact sensor soldered to the alert led of the receiver module in the house. It has been very reliable for about a year now, but recently it has been sending 2 alerts at a time, even though I have it set to only notify once within one minute. I deleted and re-added the rule in the Notifier app but I'm still receiving a double alert.

The LED on the driveway alert module flashes on activity, which is why there are several events within a second. In devices, I have the ecolink sensor set to suppress multiple contact events, but they are still showing up in the event log. Any ideas?

That option is designed to eliminate multiple events in a row like "contact opened," which can happen because some Z-Wave contact sensors send the same information to the hub in two different ways, and this makes the driver look at only one of those. In your case, it looks like the contact sensor is reporting open then closed then open, etc., so it must actually be sending those events to the hub (some could still be duplicated without this option, but events won't show you that, only debug logs).

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I just turned on debug for the driveway sensor and drove past the sensor. I see multiple open/close events are sent. I guess I'm not that concerned about the logging of these multiple contact events as much as I am about getting multiple notifications, even though it should only be notifying me once in a minute timeframe.

So, it looks like the de-duplication option will still be helpful for your contact sensor (from the logs, it's sending the open/close reports over both the SensorBinary and Notification classes). But there are multiple open-close-open-close, etc. in quick succession. Is it possible that the sensor is actually getting triggered in this manner, perhaps because whatever sensor you seem to have wired to the sensor is opening/closing the contact quickly? If it's slow enough to be perceived by a human, connecting a continuity tester or multimeter would be one way to check, or maybe see what happens if you use the magnet on the contact sensor, should you still have that option available (though I suppose there's no guarantee that the internal and external sensors behave the same--or that there isn't some odd interaction between the two).

Yes the sensor is definitely getting physically triggered in quick succession. The dry contacts of the sensor are connected to the circuit board led contacts of the driveway alarm receiver. The LED on the receiver module flashes on/off very quickly when a car drives past the buried sensor. I never really looked at the events before now. It's likely it has always been receiving these multiple events, but I have only been receiving one notification on the mobile app until recently. It's as if the option for notifications within a set time period have stopped working.