Notifications - More than one per action?

Would there be a way to remove some text and/or characters from TTS vs non-TTS notifications in Rule Machine?

I use notifications a lot, and like having a single one to play on my Alexas and at the same time pop-up on my phone and tablets (sometimes it is difficult to hear what is said).

However, I use Pushover for my “visual” notifications and would like to use some of its special features (adding title, priority, etc.). The issue I am facing in doing this is that the additional parameters will also be vocalized by TTS, making for some odd notification. It would be great if there were a way to make those disappear somehow (special character maybe?)

Here is a simple example:

Best I can think of, apart from some kind of built-in feature to handle this specific situation, would be to use a variable and issue the Pushover notification and TTS notifications separately, adjusting the variable in between. Can't say how best to modify the variable, only that it may be worth looking into that as an approach.

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Is there some reason you can't use multiple actions?


Very good question. I would have preferred to use only one since it is essentially all the same text. Having it only there once makes it much easier to adjust and cleaner, especially for more complex notifications.

@sburke781’s option to use a variable and modify it adds a bit of complexity to the rule, but does make it so there is only a single message which would do the trick. I will look into that tomorrow.

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