Notifications in macOS from Hubitat

Hi all,

I thought I would post about something which I've just noticed has been made possible with the arrival of the M1 (ARM) chip in the latest model of Apple Macs - notifications from Hubitat within macOS.

I have my Hubitat linked with HomeKit which allows for status notifications only certain devices (e.g. contact sensors) - however my use case was to receive a notification on-screen when someone was at the door. Previously I looked at workarounds involving a push-notification relay service, however I wasn't able to get it working.

I then noticed that on my new MacBook I could install iOS and iPadOS apps and run them on the device - so I installed Hubitat, set it up, and added it to the Notifications app - low and behold, the notifications started appearing, job done! :smiley:

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Very cool find!

Just to be clear for other Mac users who made be reading this. I think the requirement is you must be using a newer Mac built on Apple silicon (M1, etc) and also running macOS Big Sur. Otherwise you can't run the mobile iOS app and get the notifications, no?

I'm still on a Intel Mac and maOS Catalina, so no bueno for me.

I think Apple shut this down.

Yes that's right - it's an M1 only (because it runs on Arm), I actually bought a new MacBook Air last year (Core i7) but ended up trading it in for the M1 model because the cooling in the 2020 Air was so bad!

It still works - as the HE iOS app is published in the App Store.

The side loading in that article relates to Apps that weren't in the store (side loading the .ipa file)

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Can confirm this as I just did it. What a cool idea!

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One thing that I am seeing is that I am no longer getting any notifications on my phone. I get the alerts on the Mac but not on my phone. Is the same thing happening for you?

I'm still getting them on my Phone - when you signed in with the HE app did you create a new 'device' so when you go into Notifications you now have your MacBook as a device:

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That was it - I had not created a new device! Thanks


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