Notifications from multiple HE hubs

I know this has been brought up more then once. That being said, I have yet to find a native solution to the issue of receiving notifications from multiple hubs without the app having to have that particular hub selected.
Hubs are in different geological locations, different networks, different ISP's, and outside the USA.
I see information on add on like "pushover" which I installed the driver but unable to find how to select that feature after install via HSM, rule machine, rule machine legacy or no other place I looked.

There really needs to be a native solution to this issue.
If there is I'm unable to find it

App installed in Android

Any info to point me in the right direction Thank you

Pushover is definitely your friend on this one. I guess it kind of depends on what kind of notifications you want. I'm honestly not sure how hub mesh works with seperate networks but if it does you need to implement that too.

Are you android or apple. Reason i ask is i have a modified app for android that can live beside the other one logged into a different hub.

You could use something like HubConnect, share the mobile app device from your "main" hub (whichever your app is actually associated with) to the others over a cloud connection, and use it on all hubs that way. Probably overkill for this situation, but it works...

Other notification solutions, as mentioned above, like Pushover, would certainly work too.



You can also share the mobile devices via Hub Mesh.

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Not over the Internet, though, as required by the OP. :smiley:

(Also not sure if mobile app devices work with Hub Mesh; I thought I saw that mentioned somewhere, but I don't know if that is still the case--or ever was--or if I just mis-remembered.)

see .apk above

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Yep, just re-read the OP. Still, perhaps worth mentioning for others to know, but not for this particular situation.

I have used the notifications over Hub Mesh, they seem to work fine.

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Main notifications I'm interested in is Huitat Safety Monitor

how many instances of this can I run?

Just 2 sorry. How many fo you need. I only have 2 hubs.

When configured correctly, a pushover (virtual) device can be selected as the recipient of notifications for all those apps.

If you have two hubs, you should be able to send pushover notifications from both.

Did you follow these steps to set it up?

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I have helped setup some family members as well, and some of them have asked for me to help monitor theirs

Thank you

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