Notifications continue to fire even after condition cleared

Hi - I'm using some Kasa energy plugs and can't have them turn off (a freezer to monitor energy, my TV to detect on/off state). So I use Notifications to tell me if any plug has been mistakenly turned off for more than 15 minutes.

One got turned off mistakenly last night via Alexa. I got notified. However I continue to get notifications now after 12hrs. Any thoughts?

I thought it is implied that repeat notifications would be stopped once the condition clears? Or am I misinterpreting the settings?

I basically want to be pestered until I fix the condition (within reason).

You need to enable the "Stop repeat upon next event" option (shown as disabled in your last screenshot).

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Thanks for confirming - this is not a well (at all) documented option except in some testing I discovered you have performed. I don't know the behavior of the Kasa switches and if it's possible for them to report a consecutive 'off' state change (without on between) but this seems to be asking for unexpected behavior.