Notifications App with Sonos Speakers

I'm setting notifications in 'Notifications' (funny enough). I select a Sonos speaker for the notification to be made on, & if it happens on another Sonos Speaker.

I can't work out hoe to fix it, I deleted the Sonos app, added it again, still the same issue.

Can someone advise how I can fix the problem please

Are your speakers grouped in the Sonos app (not HE app but mobile phone app)? If they are are grouped the sound might play on multiple speakers. Remove the groups and try again.

Hi, none of the speakers are grouped, except for the Playbar & the 2 x Sonos 1's to create the surround sound.
This morning I disarmed the night alarm, & the speech alert came out of the Playbar, it is supposed to come out of one of the Play 3's. I did wait a few minutes & rearmed to the night alarm, there was no speech notification.

I waited another few minutes & disarmed, got the speech alert from the Playbar. Not sure why one would work & not the other??

Unless there's a time until the alert is removed from the Sonos speaker???

The speaker in HE are definitely not linked to the correct speakers in the actual Sonos setup.

Do you have them on reserved IP?

Don't know, I don't think so, I'll have to check when I get home.

I deleted the Sonos App in HE, rebooted HE & added it back, then allocated the speakers straight away so I don't think it would have had a chance to change?

Maybe it's the issue, I remember others having a similar issue early on and it was because they were moving from memory :thinking:. I have always had mine reserved and never had a issue so can't comment.

OK I'll reserve them tonight, hopefully that's the issue. Thanks

It is odd that the HE Sonos integration seems to tie the device to its IP address, where the Sonos app and other integrations just use the name (or mac), and don't seem to care if the IP changes. IP address in most networks should be assumed to be dynamic, and HE should not tie the device handler instance to it.

In the actual Device list in HE, there is a Device No. (I think that's what it's named) which looks like it must be a serial number it has obtained from the Sonos Speaker. It also notes the type of speaker, which in most cases isn't correct as it is actually linking to another speaker.

I'm not sure if the device number is actually the Sonos speaker it is sending the speech alert to or not as I can't find in the actual Sonos app on my phone or the app on my Windows notebook where to see this.

I'll reserve the IP address's in a couple of hours when I get home from work & advise if it solves the problem.

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