Notifications App - Where does the number go?

I can't seem to setup a text notification. When I create the notice there is no place to enter the number.

SMS was retired a few months back.

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The only SMS text notifications available, as far as I know, require setting up the built in Twilio app. You will need to set up an account at It is quite inexpensive and unless you spam yourself with text messages, only amounts to $15 or so a year. I use it with other things so I get lots of use out of the service.


Use either the HE app or Pushover for notifications. Both work very well.

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I had the same problem trying to configure alerts with Safety Monitor.

If you think about it, SMS is just an app on your phone that listens for messages transmitted over cellular voice channels to a phone number.

Almost identical functionality is possible today over cellular data channels. They reach you via an IP address, not a phone number, and require other methods to locate you which work more or less as follows:

  • Register an account with a service provider and obtain an ID
  • Install a mobile app. Give it your ID. The app will install an always-on service which updates the service provider with your IP address.
  • Install Hubitat built-in app for your service provider.

To create an alert, just select the service from the pull-down menu, similar to the now-retired built-in SMS alert. The service knows your ID and can request that your provider relay an alert to it. The provider can be Hubitat, Twilio, Pushover etc. The service provider just checks your active IP, and sends you the alert.

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Thanks, I'm trying Twilio... so far so good. Now, if I can figure out how to send audio notices to Alexa/Echo that would be awesome.

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At least three choices:

  1. Flip the state of virtual contact/motion sensors in HE (exposed to Alexa) and have Alexa Routines (with announcements) that are triggered when their state changes.
  2. Use AlexaTTS
  3. Use Echo Speaks.

You will need to install something like Echo Speaks or Alexa TTS, both community apps.


Mention of SMS has been removed from the Notifications docs as of October 31, not long after the feature was retired. I think it may be around in some old how-to videos. If there's anywhere else that made built-in text messaging look like still exists, perhaps someone could update that documentation.


Got it! I tried Echo Speaks and it's great!


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