Notifications app / door unlocked

The notification app support “door locked” and “door unlocked”. Would it be possible to add “door unknown”? My lock goes into this state sometimes when it’s not perfectly locked and I’d like to monitor for this state without having to use advance rules.

This has been mentioned a few times here. I think it would be a nice feature either in RM or Notifications.

Some locks have a "locked jammed" state.. don't know if this is picked up by HE though.

Locks don't report this as a value for the locked/unlocked attribute. So there's no way to do this in an app.

I see an event in the events panel:

lock unknown Porta principale was unknown [digital] DEVICE digital 2020-06-25 15:38:20.899

Can’t this be used?

It depends on the driver. You can tell by looking at this device in Rule Machine for a trigger event using Custom Attribute. See what shows up there when you try to set up such a trigger for this lock.

It’s the Schlage driver. I might have logged the event, will give a look

The Schlage locks do report "unknown". You can do this notification with Rule Machine, and use Custom Attribute as the trigger type. Select the lock device, select the "lock" attribute, and the value "unknown".

I will look into whether this could be an option in Notifier. At first blush, this doesn't fit the app. But, RM can certainly do it as described.


I’ll check it, I still have to become accustomed with the new RM