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So im beating my head trying to understand notifications, and use of mobile app coming off another platform where it was pretty straight and forward. I always try to include screen shots so people have a visual. Im no playing around with 2 devices just to get a feel of this platform, I intend or actually have 7 z-wave sensors and several motion sensors. Since the gui is not cut and dry im failing in 3 aspects even after watching several youtube videos. 1 my mobile phone is on dashboard but does not show up in devices. 2 I want text alerts for status change. I did set up a rule for that but obviously im missing something. 3 my main goal at moment is to set up contact sensors as well as leak sensor to notify me. I read about use this app and that 3ed party app to get a notification. I just want it to work. The platform I used prior had a simple notification tab where you just put your number in and wah la it would notify you, all you had to do in rules is add a notify text and it would notify you of which device opened. So im stuck where my phone is (i think linked) but does not show up as a device in habitat. I deleted everything and reinstalled on phone, it sees hubatit and other switch, deleted all rules and device from hubitat as per forums. Now phone no longer shows up. If any one can walk me through this ill pay pal you a money for a few beers or coffee your choice. I just want notifications on my phone for now to see if my house is taking on water (which it dose 2x a year) or someone enterers my house. Thanks in advanced......
And how do i upload screen shots to forum. And how do I upload screen shots???

Usually takes a few posts before the forum will let you post an image, but @bobbyD may be able to accelerate that for you. There is a built in Notifier App that many people find useful if you haven’t already installed it, and generally if you have the mobile app running on your phone it will automatically create a device for the phone.


@robandchristy1 As pointed out by @thebearmay You first need to have the mobile app installed on your phone. When you log into the app it will prompt you to create a device. Once that's done that device will be in your device list. You can test notifications from the device page. Later on you might consider installing Pushover. It's much more robust that the built in notifier. But that is a conversation for another day.

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Im trying to keep it simple at moment. So I got kinda of mad because my cell phone was not showing up in devices. So I DELEATED ALL MY STUFF. all 2 dash boards and devices. Since im still learning I didnt set much up and thought it would be kinda funny vs someone who setup 30 devices and said they deleated everything. No worries no big setback. So back to issue after deleting everything and uninstalling he from phone and reinstalling it it finally shows up in device list. Yes I added geo and allow to run in background. Now added my 2 devices obviously dont want to add 30 to get overwhelmed. Used basic rules and added the notification tested and works. Now bear in mind I dont think any suggestions helped it was trial and error. Now I can set up my other 3 sensors and it will work. BUT this journey with a great hubitat community HAS GIVEN ME A WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE !!! To move forward and continue expanding all my switches. It is a challenge to get past the set up process and jump from app to app. Ill be busy next few days setting up my motion sensors and leak sensors before I need help (possibly) with scenes. Thanks a million to the people who educated me WITH OUT BELITTLING ME. Unlike other platforms. Your kindness, time and patients is much appreciated. Hopefully in a year I can troll forums and answer questions. Off to set up more notification's Have a good weekend all!


When ever that happens log out and log back in and allow it to create a device. Or when notifications mysteriously stop after working for a long time, log out and log back in but DO NOT create a device.

BTW did you install Hubitat Package Manager?

My phone (device) was already registered. Signing out and in on Hubitat Android App resolved notifications. rlithgow1 Thanks for the recommendation for Pushover as I would have missed any water leak sensor alerts.


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