Again, all mobile app devices have stopped getting notifications. Several times recently this has happened and each time I have determined it was not on our end. Has this been a recurring issue for others as well? Is there something that's been going on with the service?

Others have talked about needing to accept the "What's New" dialog that appears after an update to the mobile app, more so in terms of Geofencing not working, but maybe it has a similar impact on notifications?

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I had problems early on with the built in notifier. I switched to pushover and it's never been an issue since. Just my 2 cents.


It's starting to look more and more like I need to go that route. I already have it set up for very important notifications to take advantage of it's emergency override of silent mode. I may have to start playing with further customizations on that.

Still not working after running through everything that has worked before. @bobbyD

I cannot replicate. I have several push notifications coming throughout the day that never stopped once, in months. I have Galaxy S21 and my wife has S10 running Android 12 and 11 respectively. Without further details is hard to determine why yours stop working.

Well I JUST discovered 1.6.8. I was on 1.6.7.

On 1.6.7 I would click notifications and the page would never load. Now on 1.6.8 it loads instantly. I'll run some tests and report back.

I'm also on 12 on an s21

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I feel dumb. It seems to be working now. Sorry for the fuss.

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It can happen, no reason to feel dumb.


No worries. And don't feel bad, I would be super annoyed if mine would stop working. Be sure to check the battery optimizations, to make sure that your phone is not killing the background process. That will stop the notifications again. Samsung wants to have good reputation of long lasting battery, so they have several custom optimization features on top of what Android already has.


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