Notification on Temp Change Not Working

Hoping somebody can help me out. Have tried multiple times to create a rule to notify us when dryer/washer are done. I had done the same thing with Smartthings but cant get it to work with Rule Machine. Here is what i am trying to do (will just give dryer example since washer is same just using power instead of temp).

I have a temp sensor against the dryer exhaust. If the temperature goes above 95 degrees then drops below 90 degrees i want notification sent to our phones. Here is what i have right now:

Select Tigger Events:
Temperature of Dryer reports >95.0

Select Actions to Run:
Wait for Condition: Temperature of Dryer is <90
Notify {our phones}
Exit Rule

I've tried several things and never seem to be able to get notification sent. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

The rule looks fine to me, except you could use "Wait for event" instead of "Wait for condition" (but either should have the same outcome in this case) and the "Exit Rule" doesn't do anything here (but again shouldn't cause a problem). Two ideas: one, are you sure your notification devices are working? Go to their page under "Devices" in the admin UI and test the "Device Notify" command by typing something into the box and hitting the button itself to execute the command. Two, you could try turning on trigger and action logging for this rule to see what it's doing when, which may give you clues if something is going wrong. There is a third possibility that your device isn't sending the events when you think it should, which this would also help show but you could also check the "Events" button for history on the device page for the sensor to see as well.