Notification Command class alerts

Hi, last couple of days I have experienced a couple of events that generated Notification Command class alert messages in the logs. I feel like these are pretty critical messages and yes they show up in the log, but what if I wasn't watching the log, the events would just be lost and never noticed.

One alert was from a new Nano dimmer I installed in a bathroom and it would shut off after 30 sec , I found out due to the light circuit feeding a 100w globe and 3 x 50w xenons in a wall fixture. They will be swapped out for LEDs asap by the way. The Nano has a limit of 1.5A and the over-current was correctly shutting it off after 30 sec.

The other instance I saw today was when a Schlage lock had stalled due the door not being all the way closed.

I would like to be able to be notified every time this type of message is heard from devices. Perhaps this should be a global capability of the HE platform, as this class of alerts should be considered as critical for safety. if a dimmer is over-current or overheated, or a lock is stalled, I need to know about it.