Notification Based on Two Triggers? [SOLVED]

Hubitat newbie here, trying to figure out how to set up a notification that requires two triggers. (I'm hoping this is the right spot to ask... I did try to poke around first to see if I could find something similar.)

I'd like to (a) have Hubitat immediately send a message to my living room Alexa device(s)*, (b) when the front door is opened, (c) if the back door is (already) in the open state.

I see there's a way to send a notifier to an Alexa device and have it say what you want. I'm just not sure how to tie in the trigger to send the message only when the front door is opened IF the back door is already in the open state.

Purpose to all this being, alert the person walking out the front door if the back door is open.

*Not sure if it is possible to send the audible alert(s) to multiple Alexa devices at the same time, but would be interested to know if that can be done.

I'm using Sensative Strips contact sensors (on both front and back doors) plus a combination of Sonos Play 1, Sonos Playbar, and Amazon Echo devices.


Your trigger would be that the front door opens. Then, in your actions, start with "If back door is open then Alexa announcement." You would technically have one trigger and one condition.

EDIT: Simultaneous answer w/ @jwjr. Fortunately, we gave the same answer. :grinning:


Short answer: you can't. Triggers are OR based.

...but, for what you're suggesting, you really only need one trigger. Your rule could look something like this:

    Front door opened

    IF Back door open THEN
        Send notifier

Edit: beat me to it, stephen. :grinning:


This is very helpful! Thanks @stephen_nutt and @jwjr!

I appreciate the background info on why it can't be done the way I was envisioning it.

The example helps a great deal.