Notification app and Garage door

I have installed the new Notification App, and was wondering about the device type for my gocontrol garage door opener. Is it a switch? if I set it up as a switch I don't get notifications. I was hoping to set it up so I would get text if door opens/closes.

Don't have one, but probably contact sensor will work. Looks like it's a type that hasn't been added yet. You can make a request to @bravenel to add it.

In the meantime, if contact doesn't work, you can create a simple RM rule and a Virtual Switch. The rule condition is the garage door opener. The rule is the garage door opener is open (True). For the True action, turn on the switch and for the false, turn off the switch.

In the notification app, define the virtual switch for the notification.

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Thanks, Ill try RM. I really wish rboy would port his garage door app to Hubitat from ST. It was very handy.

Have never used Rboy, but it's cloud based isn't it? That would be a major rewrite for them and the HE audience is so small right now, it's probably not worth their time.

Did you get the notifications to work correctly for you? I am having the same issue, but my device type is set to a contact sensor.