Not sure what this error means

Rule seems to be working but it's throwing this error.

Maybe the 2 second repeat is too fast? Slow it down a bit and see if you get the same error.

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I still get it at 4 seconds. I ran the rule again while watching the logs live and the air doesn't pop up until I close the door.

Maybe post the log, are you getting multiple triggers? Does the contact bounce on and off when closed?

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This is odd. It looks to me like I'm getting a double running of the end of the rule.

At .254 it appears to have triggered a second instance while the original was still going.

This is your rule trigger when it's closed because your trigger is changed. I would try to change your trigger to opened. Within the context of triggering your rule, I think contact closed only cancels the delay and I don't see any harm without canceling it. The previously triggered rule will still run to completion and I think this may eliminate your error. Just a guess though.

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Interesting idea. I'll give that a try.

Little back story, this used to make use of a different siren that had a tone that repeated non stop. When I replaced that device I had to modify the rule to have the same effect to repeat as long as the door is open.

I still have that siren in the network so may be I'll test out what happens when I go back to it.

Edit: I can use the new sticky trigger!

I'll give this a try in the morning...


That worked to use sticky trigger!


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