Not getting Colortemp to change with Motion app

I've searched forum for other similar issues - and Motion Lighting possible UI issue? - #12 by BorrisTheCat seems relevant but only in that there seems an area around a problem I'm stepping into.
I have 2 motion apps in Motion and Mode Lighting Apps section. The first is the motion sensor at the door of the bathroom:

The second is a sensor inside the shower:

When the 2nd (shower) motion sensor goes active - the lights brighten to 100% but the color temperature doesn't change.
I have tried changing the lights on from using the bulb group (bathroom lights) and the individual bulbs. Neither changes the missing effect.
Is there a simple explanation?

I'm not sure I understand this part. Do you mean that the "Set Color Temperature" command also doesn't work from the device page (whether the group or individual bulbs)? If not, it won't work via the Motion Lighting app either. If that is the case, what brand/model of devices are these, and what driver are they using on Hubitat? (My guess is that it may be related to recent changes to the standard "Set Color Temperature" command, so this would help narrow things down.)

Hi @bertabcd1234 I wasn't clear and you'd think I'd learn by now. No. I meant 'I have a group called Bathroom' which is made of these 4 bulbs. I tried selecting each of the 4 bulbs directly in the pick list, and also tried just selecting the group name and received the same result. The level changes as expected but not the colortemp.
I can hand change the colortemp on the device page for either a specific bulb or the group successfully with ease.
The bulbs are OSRAM Lightify A19 tunable whites. I am using the Adv Zigbee CT Bulb driver (customized by me to fix the color table).
What is this about the 'Color Temp Set command'? Is there a thread going on I should be monitoring?

Not sure there's really a thread for this specifically (though see all the 2.2.6 capability changes here: 2.2.6 capability update cheat sheet), but the setColorTemperature() command spefiication was updated in 2.2.6 to accept up to three parameters, with all but the first being optional, so something like setColorTemperature(Integer colorTemperature, Integer level=null, Number rampRate=null). If your driver only has the one-parameter version or didn't implement the new version correctly, that could be a problem (but in at least the first case would also throw an error in the log that would suggest this).

That being said, it's also possible the app is using the "old" way, a separate setColorTemperature() and setLevel() command (with only the CT specified in the former). In that case, many people seem to have bad luck with commands sent to Zigbee bulbs "too fast" in a row, apparently causing them to miss some. The "new" command might help with this if the bulbs are able to do this with a single "real" (Zigbee) message, which I believe is one of the reasons it was introduced. I haven't checked which command(s) Motion Lighting is really using, but if you have a custom app or rule you'd be able to know for sure. :thinking: