Not able to set Global Variable to device parameter

Well, this is strange. I have a rule which sets a global variable to the weatherSummary from Darksky. Works fine. Now I'm trying to add the same action to another app and the option to select a device parameter is missing. Only options to add or remove a string appear (eg. can only type in a string, not select a device). I went back and check my other rule and that has all the options to add/remove a string as well as the other options including device attribute. Why would the options be different from one rule to another?!?

What to do?

This rule is fine, the action is set to update the global variable to the Darksky attribute 'weatherSummary'

In this rule, there is no option to use a device attribute, only can type in a string.

Is that an older version of Rule?

Duh. Sorry yeah. Just realised that rule was old. Will have to convert it over when I have a spare hour :frowning: