Not able to set a GV to a Device Attribute


I have a test rule in RM4.0 that is just setting a GV to a Device Attribute. These are the GV's that I'm testing:

I created WX Dm2 for this test. When I try to set it, RM won't let me select any device:

I changed the GV to use another one that was previously defined, and it seems to work as intended:

Advice? Thanks.


I would guess that the attribute is a string, not a number. You should be able to see this in the app status Settings. Look for a setting that starts with "tCustomAttrTypeMain...". That's the type of the attribute.


Thanks, Bruce,but I'm not following. With the failing GV, I never get to the point of specifying an attribute (or even a device). Once I select the variable WX Dm2 (or several other, but not all, GV's) then I pick device attribute then no device is selectable. So I don't think RM knows I'm going to pick an attribute that is a string. I'm missing something.