Noob warning

Fair warning, I am new to hubitat and although I have been tinkering with all things tech for years, I feel as new as the first time I hacked my 1st Gen TiVo.

So I will be asking for help alot, I beg for your patience and in return I promise to pass on what I learned by being as helpful to other noobs.


Lol, welcome to Hubitat.

Welcome, ask away! That's what the community is for.

Everyone here is YOU.

We are all you, "Yesterday"
or are you, "Tomorrow".

Welcome, ask and you'll get advice. Then you get to pick :smiley: take it or leave it :smiley: More often though, you'll get a lot of advice from various viewpoints.

Very soon, you'll be the one answering with "Welcome..."


Hubitat was only released around 10 months ago, so we're all (except the staff) are pretty new to it, too. :slight_smile: That being said, a lot of us have a background as SmartThings users, and Hubitat took a lot of inspiration from that paradigm into their own software (including a shockingly similar development environment for custom--and presumably stock--apps and drivers), so I found it pretty easy to get the hang of things. Not sure how easy it is for people totally new to home automation, but I have to say the layout seems pretty straightforward to me ("Devices" and "Apps" are the two places I spend most of my time in the web admin interface, though for day to day control and monitoring of devices they're encouraging you to use the slightly-more-hidden Hubitat Dashboard app you can add from there).

Feel free to ask. You'll get lots of ideas from other helpful users (I have!), and staff are pretty good at reading the forums, too.

The dashboard is the main reason I am migrating. After the horrible wink interface and trying to code together home assistant

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Go ahead and ask all the dumb shit now...that way I won't have to when mine arrives lol