Noob - Rule with Time Condition [SOLVED]

I just got my HE the other day. I am having hard time understanding how to create such a simple rule.

I want to set a reminder message to my mobile phone when i leave the garage door opened for 15 minutes. If the door closes within that 15 minute window there should not be any alert.

I get lost after setting the initial trigger of the garage door opening. Please help.

Did you look into the notifications app? That will probably serve your purpose and walk you right through setup. Rule of thumb is to use the simple apps first unless you need something that simple rules, motion lighting, mode manager, notifications wont handle for you. Then move into the more complex Rule Machine. Please let someone know if you have trouble finding it, loading it, or setting it up. Happy to help!
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Wow April, now I feel stupid. Makes sense. It worked perfectly for my use case. Thanks :grin:

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Sorry for not responding sooner. Glad it worked for you.

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