Noob needs help with first rule creation

To learn how to use the rule machine, I came up with a use case just to test things out.

Integrated Life360

When son arrives home, turn on his hue lights for 5 minutes if it's between sunrise and sunset

I watched a bunch of youtube videos trying to figure this out, they seemed to show an arrival state you could select in the rules but I don't have that nor can I find anything relating to Life360.

Anybody know of perhaps an existing walkthru of something similar I can try to learn from?
Heck, if life360 doesn't make sense as a presence sensor, I could use his phone connects to wifi as well. Thanks!

that should be between sunset and sunrise obviously (i dont see a way to edit my original post)

For Life360, see this:

Then you'll have a presence device that you can use in a Rule.

The rule's trigger will be that presence sensor arrives. The first action could be to exit the rule if it's the wrong time. Then would come the turn-on the lights, and finally, a delayed turn-off the lights. Like this:

thank you, i had already installed the life360 connector and selected all family members but couldn't find a way to specify in rule machine. let me take a look again.

it says I dont have presence devices

tried to attach an image but it says im not allowed to put images in a post. perhaps because im a noob.

If I look at the Life360 connector it shows my circle, my 'place' set to home, and my family members

You should be able to edit and upload now.

You must not have the Life360 Connector set up right.

there didnt seem to be much to setting it up (thanks for fixing the editing!)

Soz to jump in on this, I'm waiting delivery of hub, moving from ST, for simple stuff which is less load, smatlightigh or this rule machine (never need web core in st)

You have a choice of 3 'built in apps.
Simple Lighting
Motion Lighting
Rule Machine
I've listed in the order of complexity of the apps.

What about processing load on the hub, is there a difference?

I would suggest that the less complex a rule is, the less load it will cause but with a simple automation the difference with either of the above apps would be minimal.

fyi, i removed all family members from Life360 connector, saved, readded them, saved and now presence is enabled in rule engine and family members are selectable.