Noob needing help

Hey all. I’m building a new house in Perth and I’m wanting to make the whole house a smart house and automated.
48 lights in total, 3 internal motion sensors (for now) 6 blinds (for now) 4 tvs; security system, security cameras, video doorbell and smart locks on two of the external doors, and garage door.
At the moment I have a few lights set up to google home but, I have MacBooks and iPhones and other IOS devices.
What products are available for Australia?
Is hubitat easy to set up and user friendly?
Thanks in advance

Any help will be much appreciated

Hi there,
Not sure what is available or not, but here is the list of what Hubitat supports at least

I'd say it depends on what your previous experience of home automation is. Some is very straight forward, other things maybe needs a little digging

I'm sure someone will give you a more in-depth answer soon. :slight_smile:

As someone with no coding background and a noob myself I can say it is very userfriendly. And if you need any help, there are enough people in this community, which are more Thema willing to help.

Welcome. I'm in Perth myself.

There is a matter of getting used to the hubitat interface, once you're familiar its pretty easy to set up. I've had hubitat for 4 months now. took a few weeks to get used to everything but am really happy with it.

There's plenty of products available, too many to list. So depends on what you're after we can recommend something. If I were building, I'd probably get the smart switches installed from the beginning. Choosing the major stuff like ducted aircon (I use iZone), solar inverters, reticulation etc from the beginning would be useful.

Good luck!

If you building a new house get a home automation system that doesn’t rely on battery operated devices.

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This. Specifically I'd error on devices that are hard-wired, not battery operated.
I'm in an old house, so can't really recommend any specific hard-wired contact sensors.

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