Non-WiFi Power Strip?

Hey all,

Does anyone know if there are UK Power Strips (ideally with controllable USB sockets as well!) that are ZigBee/ZWave-enabled?

All I can find is either cheap WiFi ones or US/CN-socket style.

I've got a load of USB devices that I want to be able to switch on/off, or even better have them switch off a set time after they've been turned on.

I have a power strip here. Greenwave Powernode, which is Z-wave although has no USB.
Of course you can plug in a USB plug and control it, but no direct USB.

These are a little hard to come by here, in the US they pop up a lot.
Keep your eye out on ebay as they do come up from time to time.

I'm using this, flashed to Tasmota, all USB controlled in 1 switch. Got it from AliExpress

Thanks, but I'm after a non-WiFi one, ideally with individually switched sockets

What model is the one you've posted out of interest? That may be my only choice if I can't get the Greenwave Powernode :frowning:

What about just a zigbee double socket with individual control?

Yeah, that may be what I end up with. It's a shame, but I think it's that or multiple USB cables with in-line ZWave/ZigBee switches...

I have been eye'ing the Zooz Zen20 which has 6 individually switched outlets. (US outlets, not sure if they make other localels)

Unfortunately the USB ports arent switched. So for USB devices I'd be looking at a row of USB adapters.

I'm watching this thread though for other options!

This is an interesting question. UK/European wouldn't be of use to me, but if anyone knows of a Zigbee power strip with individually controllable outlets for the US/Canada market, I'd sure like to learn about it.

Needs to have at least ETL certification. I'm a Xiaomi hub owner too, so anything Xiaomi HomeKit compatible would work for me too.

If you don't mind Z-wave you can get the Greenwave Powernodes quite easily there.

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Good call. Monoprice sells it as well and it's really inexpensive. Not Z-Wave Plus though.

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If you do end up back to a WiFi solution then Argos do an affordable 4 Gang USB version. At Β£24 Works with Alexa and Google.

I haven’t had time yet to see if it could work directly with HE but I read it can be flashed with Tasmota firmware using tuya-convert so hopeful.

Thanks folks, I'll keep looking for now... :slight_smile:

Just in case you're still looking, compatible Zigbee offering in LIDLs right now. Β£20. 3 sockets. No control of the USB ports though.


Slightly confusing this one, on the items page it states this "Control connected devices from anywhere with Wi-Fi coverage" but also this "Requires a Zigbee-compatible gateway for use (sold separately)"

Have you got one, and are they Zigbee?

Cheers :+1:

I have 4 - and yes they are strict Zigbee devices! :slight_smile: The WiFi branding is just a red herring - the gateway is probably WiFi only, not Ethernet.

Anyway - the strips are ZigBee. And work.

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No the gateway was ethernet, I might also be WiFi but I just connected it straight to test the kit on their stuff.

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Excellent!! Thanks for that, I'll be paying them a visit then :wink:

the RGB part of the lamps don't seem to work with the driver. @mike.maxwell maybe theses are like the ikea ones but are zigbee 3.0?

with your osram driver, setting a colour then setting sat and hue individually.

with normal RGBW zigbee driver.

no errors but it doesn't change to RGB.

You know what they do support though! colour prestaging and they can be turned on to a different kelvin and they go too it! :man_facepalming:

I couldn't resist and picked up 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

How did yours pair? I can pair it, but its only seeing one, although the Zigbee details when pairing shows 4 endpoints.

I think people have used this @Royski

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