Non-Hubitat-related Homekit Question

I have a Homekit automation set up to run when I return home (via geofence). Sometimes, it works automatically and does what I want, but other times, before running, it asks me if I want to run the automation. As far as I'm concerned, if it's asking me to run an automation, then it's not an automation.

This seems to be a Homekit issue... Has anyone else seen this, or better yet, figured out a way to keep it from stupidly asking this question?

I have not made an automation in Homekit, but I do make shortcuts. The only one that I have made using any kind of geofence is that when I go to church, my iphone goes to "do not disturb" and when I leave church the iphone goes back to normal. I know this is not a Homekit thing but I am saying maybe try making a shortcut instead of an automation. It's worth a try.

Why not bring the presence back to Hubitat and then run the automation there?
I only have one automation in Homekit, and it is to flip a virtual switch/presence sensor on and off when I arrive/leave. It has never asked me for confirmation. Then I use it for whatever I want in Hubitat.

Is your automation controlling a garage door or lock? I am guessing that's why it occasionally asks.

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One of HomeKits known restrictions is that it prompts for confirmation before doing anything involving access to the home. Usually those items are blue colored in HK. Locks, garage doors, security systems.

Super annoying that it even does that when trying to lock or arm since that’s much lower risk than opening up the home.

In this case, it's because the device I'm using is not supported in Hubitat. It is supported in Homekit. Unless there is some bluetooth to hubitat bridge that I can utilize, this is the only way I see to make this work.

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