Nodered and Hubitat Login - using the same cookies/header information

I have a sub-flow that handles the HE login (security enabled) and I am using it in multiple places (most are once a week things - download backup, restart hub etc.).

I am using the same flow to get "freeOSMemory" and "internalTempCelsius" (pending a future FW release - 2.2.6 ( :crossed_fingers:t3:) when these will be available with @thebearmay's excellent Hub Information driver).

The questions - is there a downside to starting the login session multiple times (frequently - say 5 minitues)? I figured out that I can store the responseCookies and Headers into global variables and just pass those into an http node, thus avoiding the login process to get the next reading. Any downside to this? Do the cookies/session expire? If so, any idea on how long I can go without refreshing the cookies?

Thanks for your help.

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Both are available now. I am able to retrieve them and use on a Dashboard tile.

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